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Who We Are

The Humanitarian Coalition brings together leading aid organizations to provide Canadians with a simple and effective way to help during international humanitarian disasters. Member agencies join forces to raise funds, partner with the government, and mobilize media, businesses and individual Canadians. Together, we are saving more lives.

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Latest Emergency Responses

When disaster strikes, the Humanitarian Coalition can provide help quickly to those who need it most. Whether it be a major international emergency or smaller to medium-scale crises, our member agencies are ready to provide assistance and save lives.


Meet people who have benefited from your support.

After Cyclone Idai, Kalisto story

“We don’t take your support for granted”

September 11, 2019

When the rains and flooding from Cyclone Idai came through the Mulanje District in Malawi, one side of their house started getting wet so Kalisto Rular and his wife moved their eight children to the other side of the house.

Life after Cyclone Idai in Malawi

Lucy’s farmer friends are counting on these crops

September 11, 2019

In response, the Humanitarian Coalition, through Canadian Foodgrains Bank member Presbyterian World Service and Development, is providing food baskets to vulnerable families, and seeds to farmers so they can eventually feed their families and restore their livelihoods.

Meet Ryan Duly: supporting the most vulnerable in a refugee crisis

August 19, 2019

How did a kid from White Rock, British Columbia end up working with South Sudanese and Congolese refugees in Uganda? And how does Humanity & Inclusion (HI), the organization that Ryan Duly works for, support the needs of the most vulnerable among these displaced populations?

Harry and Annie Bergshoeff: Everyday Canadians in the heart of humanitarian crises

August 19, 2019

They had been thinking about doing humanitarian work for a long time. In fact, before their careers in management and nursing (respectively), even before their wedding “a long time ago,” Harry and Annie Bergshoeff of Mississauga knew that someday, somehow, they would be giving back.

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