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Family receiving aid in Pakistan

2022 – Year in review

In 2022, for the first time in the Humanitarian Coalition’s history, we responded to three major crises: the conflict in Ukraine (February - March), the hunger crisis in sub-Saharan Africa (June - July) and the floods in Pakistan (September).

In total, including the matching funds from the Government of Canada, more than 37 million dollars were raised to provide vital humanitarian assistance to more than 1.3 million people. That’s huge, yet there’s even more to our story this year. 

With your support, the organizations that make up the Humanitarian Coalition also carried out responses to 15 other disasters across four continents:

  • 8 tropical storms (hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones)
  • 4 floods
  • 2 earthquakes
  • 1 volcanic eruption.

Nearly 200,000 individuals received assistance when they needed it the most.  None of this would have been possible without the year-round support of Canadians from coast to coast, and from the Government of Canada. We are so grateful!

We can’t stop storms, earthquakes, droughts and floods from happening in 2023, but we can rally around those who need it most.

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