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Picture of Nyajima and her caretaker with a doctor

A successful delivery

When Nyajima Riith Jany began to have back pain and vaginal discharges, she began to worry. 

"I thought I was going to have a miscarriage again just like it had happened during my first pregnancy," said Nyajima, who lives with her husband, a farmer, in South Sudan.  

Nyajima lives in rural and remote part of Duk County in Jonglei State. The region has poor medical services and health facilities; getting to the city of Bor, which has a hospital, is difficult due to poor roads, flooding and insecurity.  

That's why, when she had trouble with her first pregnancy, Nyajima lost her baby--she couldn't get the medical attention she needed. She nearly died in the process. 

This time, her relatives banded together to buy a plane ticket so she could fly to Bor. When she arrived at the hospital she was met by staff from Doctors of the World, which supports obstetric services there.  

"I was received by the kind medical team who treated me well and eventually I had a successful delivery through caesarean section," Nyajima said.  

Nyajima is one of many women in South Sudan who have been helped by Doctors of the World, which is supported by The Humanitarian Coalition. Since 2017, Doctors of the World has been responding to the needs of women in the region by providing health services in maternity wards and paediatric units.  

Since many women cannot afford to fly to the hospital in Bor, Doctors of the World has also set up mobile medical units in remote and difficult-to-reach locations--something that has contributed to reducing mortality for pregnant women and new mothers. 

As for Nyajima, "I thank God and the medical team for helping me and my baby. [Because of them], I am feeling better."