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Frequently Asked Questions


Payments can be deducted automatically from your paycheque, either as a regular bi-weekly payment or a one-time gift. If your employer offers such a payroll program, you simply need to choose how much you would like to give and then advise your payroll department at your workplace.

For additional information, please contact Richard Morgan, our executive director, at to discuss the various ways your company can support the Humanitarian Coalition.

- Join our Rapid Response Network (RRN) and provide long-term, ongoing support to the Humanitarian Coalition’s work.
- Add our link to your company's website.
- Share our information on your Twitter feed or Facebook page.
- Provide a donation jar or a system where customers can make donations when finalizing purchases.
- Replace your purchased ad with a branded disaster appeal announcement.
- Establish a matched giving plan tailored to your business and community investment aims.

For more information on any of these options, contact us at

During Crisis

The Humanitarian Coalition does not accept donated goods. Financial contributions are more efficient and effective. Your donations allow us to purchase much needed supplies closer to those areas affected, thereby reducing heavy transportation costs, supporting the local economy as it gets back on its feet and ensuring that the goods we provide are appropriate to the needs of local recipients.

The Humanitarian Coalition is a fundraising and coordination body, which supports its members’ humanitarian efforts and does not directly operate any programs overseas. For information on child sponsorship programs, please visit our members websites and contact them directly.

As you can appreciate, during a crisis, our call volumes can be very high. The best course of action would be to leave a message and someone will call you back shortly. Another option would be to make a donation online.

As soon as the Humanitarian Coalition member agencies are satisfied that they can meet the immediate needs of people affected by a humanitarian crisis, fundraising will stop. In almost all cases, the needs of people affected by disasters far surpass our ability to fundraise. Any funds not used for immediate disaster relief will go toward medium-term recovery and reconstruction projects.

All funds sent to the Humanitarian Coalition are distributed to the members in order to meet the basic needs of those persons affected by a humanitarian disaster. The funds will serve to buy food and blankets, provide shelters and clean water to those most vulnerable during and after a crisis. A small percentage of the funds donated go to maintain the administrative capacity of the Humanitarian Coalition.

Regular activity reports will be posted on our website for your information. Updates are also sent to donors by e-mail several times a year as new developments occur, or as fundraising milestones are reached. To learn more about fund distribution, please visit the Emergency Responses or Reports and Publications sections of our websites.

Only member agencies with operational capacity already in place in or near a disaster zone will receive funds from your donations. This is to ensure that donations reach those in need as quickly as possible. Member agencies implementing humanitarian programs are familiar with local communities, customs and suppliers are the ones who can respond the most quickly and appropriately.

General information

The Humanitarian Coalition is a fundraising and coordination body, which supports its members’ humanitarian efforts and does not directly operate any programs overseas. We are a network of leading Canadian NGOs determined to unite our efforts in cases of humanitarian crises. At present, the Humanitarian Coalition has ten members: Action Against Hunger, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, CARE Canada, Humanity & Inclusion, Islamic Relief Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan International Canada and Save the Children Canada. For more information, check out the How We Work section of our website.

The members of the Humanitarian Coalition unite because they recognize the need for strong, decisive action, as well as early mobilization, to help the most vulnerable. By combining resources from each member agency, the Humanitarian Coalition takes the guesswork out of giving for Canadians, and reduces the wasteful duplication of fundraising costs. When lives are at stake, the Humanitarian Coalition’s appeals have one call centre, one phone number and one joint website. This makes for a much more timely response. It saves more lives. To learn more, please visit the How We Work section of our website.

Groups and events

Please consult the event organizer for this matter, as they are required to provide us with the purchaser details and estimated cost of goods received. As per the regulations applied by the Canada Revenue Agency, you can only receive a charitable donation for the portion you paid above market value.  For more information, visit

Please consult the event organizer for this matter. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining an independent valuation by an expert (e.g. a gallery owner), as well as meeting the requirements set by the Canada Revenue Agency and the Humanitarian Coalition. If you have any questions about the process to follow, please contact us at

If you have made a cash, cheque or credit card donation at an event, make sure to fill out the Donation Form provided by the event organizer. Contact the event organizer if you did not fill one.

There are many ways to help depending on the amount of time and effort you want to invest. You can take up a collection to donate to the Humanitarian Coalition, or you can organize a Group or Community Fundraiser.  For more information on group fundraising, please check out our Fundraising Guide.

Donation and Receipts

Yes. All donations over $10 are eligible for a donation receipt.

If you wish to make a change to your monthly donation, including changing your credit card number, expiry date, amount of donation or any personal information, please use this form to find and update your file. If you are unable to access your file, you can reach us toll-free at 1-855-461-2154 extension 101, or by email at It is strongly recommended that you do not share your credit card information by email.

Your language of choice is automatically set by the language in which you make your donation. For example, if you make a donation from the English version of the Humanitarian Coalition website, you will receive correspondence in English. If you wish to change your language of correspondence, please send a request to

Online donations are processed automatically, so you should receive your receipt within hours, at the email address you provided. (Please allow 24 hours for potential delays). Sometimes receipts are sent to the junk mail folder, so please make sure to check there. Donation receipts for phone and mailed-in donations are processed within a month of the donation, so please allow up to two months for delivery.

When you send your donation online it is both cheaper and faster to process. You will receive your receipt sooner and we save the cost of printing and mailing it to you. By donating online, you are saving the Humanitarian Coalition as much as $2 per donation!

Yes. When you make your donation online, you will have the option of making your donation in honour of or in memory of someone. You can also send an e-card to the recipient of your choice. If you are donating by mail, please send an email to with the name, message and contact information of the recipient you would like an acknowledgment sent to.

The Humanitarian Coalition does not accept cash donations. Cash should never be sent by mail nor brought to our offices. If you are an event organizer and wish to submit your event proceeds, please use your personal credit card to submit online, write a personal cheque, request a bank draft or create a money order for the amount raised.

Donations are only accepted in Canadian dollars.

Funds donated to the Humanitarian Coalition are pooled together and distributed following a pre-approved fund distribution formula. Should you wish to donate specifically to one of our member agencies, you may do so by contacting them directly.