How the Humanitarian Coalition works

The Humanitarian Coalition draws on many years of experience to plan and deliver each appeal for donations, striving to ensure that the relevant charitable support reaches the people who need it as quickly as possible.

The Humanitarian Coalition is unable to respond to all the humanitarian crises and humanitarian disasters that occur throughout the world. When an appeal is launched, its members have to be confident that they can make a difference and spend the charitable donations effectively. Appeals are therefore reserved for major humanitarian disasters and emergencies that cannot be dealt with by the usual humanitarian relief operations within affected countries and are only launched when Humanitarian Coalition member agencies are in a position to respond quickly and effectively.

Our members share vital information in the period leading up to an appeal launch which enables the Humanitarian Coalition Secretariat to assess the gravity of the disaster or emergency, and the probable level and effectiveness of any collective response.

During an appeal, the Humanitarian Coalition carefully coordinates and facilitates communications to ensure the public receives clear, consistent messages in order to reach the widest pool of potential donors.