Partners of the Humanitarian Coalition


Media and private sector partners are invited to participate in this joint action during times of humanitarian disasters, when the needs are greatest. The Humanitarian Coalition strives to provide the Canadian public and media with the most relevant information during a crisis. Member agencies combine to pursue media and private sector support for the Canadian appeal process. All of our Rapid Response Network (RRN) partners play a key role during times of humanitarian crisis, each in line with their particular capacity. By joining our Rapid Response Network your organization can help increase the awareness about future crises, reduce the costs of fundraising and ensure that survivors of terrible disasters around the world are helped more quickly.

Bell Media

Bell Media has been an active supporter of the Humanitarian Coalition since 2008.  In times of large scale international crises, Bell Media, through its various media properties and platforms have supported relief efforts by broadcasting TV and radio spots for the Humanitarian Coalition free of charge, along with presenting online banners across its various websites directing Canadians to our website.  In this way, communications materials have been shared through such profile media properties as BNN, the Comedy Channel, MuchMusic, CP24, and the CTV network to name only a few. This generous support has been offered for the Burma Cyclone Appeal (2008), the Asia-Pacific Disasters (2009), the Haiti Earthquake and Pakistan Floods (2010), for the Japan Earthquake and East Africa Drought Crisis (2011), for the Sahel Crisis (2012), the Philippines Typhoon (2013), the Ebola Outbreak (2014), the Nepal Earthquake (2015) and the Syrian Refugee Crisis (2015). Through this support, Canadians learned more about these important crises and how they can help.

Shaw Media

Shaw Media operates Global Television, along with 19 of the country’s most popular specialty channels and more than 20 online properties. Shaw Media joined our Rapid Response Network in 2011 when it supported relief efforts for the East African Famine by broadcasting TV spots for the Humanitarian Coalition free of charge. Since then, Shaw Media has supported our appeals for the Sahel Drought (2012), Philippines Typhoon (2013), Ebola outbreak (2014) and the Nepal Earthquake (2015). Through their support, Shaw Media is helping to create a unified campaign that makes it simple for Canadians to support people around the world who need our help urgently.


CBC has included the Humanitarian Coalition as part of its Crisis Relief site on during appeals for the Pakistan Floods, the Japan Earthquake, the East Africa and the Sahel Drought Crisis. Through the site, Canadians across the country have been able to learn more about these crises and how they can provide support to those who are in urgent need.

Metro News

The members of the Humanitarian Coalition are excited to welcome Metro as the newest media partner in our Rapid Response Network. Metro is the nation’s No. 1 free national daily newspaper brand and the first national daily to publish in both official languages. In Canada, Metro editions are published in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. For future emergencies, Metro will donate free space ads to mobilize their  YAMs (youthful, active, metropolitans) audience in Canada to support people in crisis around the globe.

eBay Canada

eBay Canada has generously donated banners on its website to the Humanitarian Coalition, helping Canadians to learn much more about major disasters, the humanitarian response and how Canadians can donate to bring more help to those affected.  After first supporting the Haiti Earthquake Appeal in winter 2010 and the Pakistan floods later the same year, ebay has again demonstrated its generous support for the East Africa Drought Crisis as well as the Sahel Crisis.


20 VIC Management Inc. manages a portfolio of retail, office and industrial properties across Canada. In proud partnership with the Humanitarian Coalition, 20 VIC Management Inc. is committed to increasing the impact of Canadian relief efforts in times of international humanitarian crisis. At retail shopping centres across the country, 20 VIC Management Inc. mobilizes employees, retailers and patrons, implementing programs in support of the Humanitarian Coalition.  

The School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS) at the University of Ottawa

The School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS) at the University of Ottawa works with the Humanitarian Coalition as it pilots a joint Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework, providing for an even stronger focus on learning, accountability and transparency as key fundamentals of humanitarian response.

Global Affairs Canada

The Humanitarian Coalition wishes to thank Global Affairs Canada (formerly Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development) for its funding toward the development of our Program Monitoring and Evaluation framework. The framework now in place supports the Humanitarian Coalition’s work on transparency, accountability, learning and capacity building during and after the emergency responses we fund. Global Affairs Canada has also supported the testing of this framework, an exercise that has yielded valuable lessons and enabled the Humanitarian Coalition to identify best practices and improvements that have further strengthened our accountability and transparency commitments.

PayPal Canada

More of your donation reached people in East Africa and in the Sahel because PayPal donated back all transaction fees incurred by generous Canadians donating to the Humanitarian Coalition through their online transaction system.


Rogers TV

Rogers TV stations support disaster relief efforts by broadcasting the Humanitarian Coalition’s public service messages free of charge, and posting online banners directing Canadians to our website.  Rogers TV believes in ‘Local Matters’ programming, television that brings communities together. Since 1969, Rogers has invested in the creation and ongoing development of its unique community television service. Rogers Communications is Canada's largest provider of wireless voice and data communications services and one of Canada's leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet and telephony services. Rogers TV is only available to Rogers’ customers in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.


PATTISON Onestop, a division of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, is a world leader in the development and operation of Digital Out-of-Home Media (DOOH). Onestop creates and delivers uniquely engaging experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds, and provides audiences timely and relevant information in engaging spaces. Onestop leverages proprietary technology to deploy digital campaigns for mass transit, office, residential, and retail environments, as well as being the exclusive media provider in the PATH - Toronto's underground walkway connecting office towers and subway stations to over 1,200 shops and services. PATTISON Onestop joined the Rapid Reponse Network in support of Haiti Earthquake in 2010 by offering public service announcements to raise national awareness, drive donations and educate Canadians on how they can support those who are in need.


RONA began to support the Humanitarian Coalition in 2015 during the Nepal Campaign, following the earthquake.


MEB Strategies has been involved with the Humanitarian Coalition for more than two years.  In addition to being a faithful donor, I also visited some projects in Haiti and Mali during emergency response efforts.  Today – I personally ask you to join me and donate to a campaign that really matters to me : World Refugee Day.  In 2013, as I was in Mali, a young mother looked at me and asked for something really simple : water and some food to feed herself, so she could breastfeed her baby.  She had just escaped her village, burnt and torn by rebels.  And she had joined the millions of displaced people who leave everything behind to help their kids dream again.

Your gift of $50 can provide a cooking kit to a family, $100 can provide a hygiene kit to 2 families and $500 can provide drinking water to 30 families, for a month.  Thanks for helping us!


The CBSR and the Humanitarian Coalition are partnering in times of humanitarian emergencies to reach Canadian businesses and help them find a meaningful way to bring support and hope to those affected.  We are proud to stand by the HC and to contribute to better and stronger emergency responses by increasing collaboration in Canada and abroad.