Covid-19 | Humanitarian Coalition
Photo: CARE


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing all of our lives right now as we work together to “flatten the curve.” We continue to restrict our social contacts, wash our hands, and take care of the more vulnerable people in our communities, because we can, and we must.

But we are also mindful of people around the world who cannot practice even basic prevention measures – people living in crowded camps, or with little access to food, health care and clean water. The consequences of a potential COVID-19 outbreak would be disastrous.

Our member agencies are on the ground, working in vulnerable communities around the world, implementing prevention and care measures, and preparing for the possibility of an unprecedented health crisis.

Our members are:

Providing clean water, soap and sanitizer; installing handwashing stations

Educating people about proper hygiene techniques

Providing clear information about the coronavirus and means of prevention

Preparing stocks and providing medical equipment and personal protective gear to health centres

Training community health workers and family caregivers

Preparing stocks of food and other necessities in case of a supply chain breakdown

Preparing isolation centres

Providing psychological support for people who are in isolation

Providing transportation to people needing health care

COVID-19 wash hands
Photo: ACF