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Buildings destroyed by Cyclone Mocha

Cyclone Mocha, Myanmar

Buildings destroyed by Cyclone Mocha
Buildings destroyed by Cyclone Mocha
May 2023

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

On May 14, Cyclone Mocha crossed the coast between Myanmar and Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh with wind speeds of roughly 250 kph, making it the strongest cyclone landfall ever recorded.
In Rakhine, the extremely strong winds knocked down power and communication lines, uprooted trees, and damaged and destroyed houses. The storm surge estimated at 3.5 meters inundated low lying areas, flooding many parts of the state. 

Almost 5.4 million people are estimated to have been in the path of the cyclone, across Rakhine and the Northwest. Of these, nearly 3.2 million are considered to be in need of humanitarian assistance, including safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, as well as safe shelter.

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam Canada and CARE Canada are responding to the needs of people affected by Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar.

Both Oxfam and CARE are providing safe drinking water for families and communities where water sources have been contaminated. They are distributing buckets, water purification tablets, and hygiene kits, as well as rehabilitating water sources. They are also repairing or building sanitation facilities.

Through the provision of building materials and cash support Oxfam and CARE are ensuring that cyclone-affected families have a safe and appropriate place to live.

CARE Canada is establishing Women and Girl-Friendly Spaces in displacement sites, providing a safe place for women to gather, work together, and find resources and referrals in case of protection issues.

CARE is also providing cash transfers so that households can meet their basic emergency needs according to their priorities.

In Partnership with Canada

Our response to small and medium-scale disasters is co-funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agency delivering the assistance, and donations to the Humanitarian Coalition. Your gift will help us be ready for the next disaster. Donate today.