Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA)

Emergency Appeals Alliance

The Humanitarian Coalition is inspired by humanitarian agencies around the world that have realized the power of joint action. Together, they form the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA), comprised of several aid agencies who work together to respond to humanitarian emergencies around the world. The Emergency Appeals Alliance is the first global humanitarian aid initiative of its kind.

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The benefits of a joint humanitarian appeal include:

Increased effectiveness During humanitarian emergencies, member agencies provide direct access to disaster and response information, coordinate spokespersons and share resources, including a single phone centre, website and communications team.

Reduced competition By working together and pooling resources, emphasis is shifted away from competing priorities and toward shared goals and the delivery of the most effective humanitarian response possible.

Reduced fundraising costs A joint appeal allows member agencies to collectively devote a greater percentage of donated funds to relief activities instead of rolling out competing fundraising campaigns.

Increased awareness and accountability By joining forces, experienced humanitarian agencies can further raise the profile of disasters, humanitarian needs and required responses as well as increase accountability among peer agencies (for program quality for example) and to the public.

While models vary in different countries, certain characteristics remain central to the success of joint humanitarian appeals. These are:

Participation of experienced global humanitarian agencies.

Media Partnerships which support the appeals by informing the public and decreasing fundraising costs by providing free ad space.

Private sector partnerships – these may take many forms but generally allow the private sector to pre-establish the nature and level of their engagement in disaster relief in line with their resources for rapid deployment and support of relief efforts.

The goals of the alliance are to mutually support members’ funding and reporting mechanisms so that national appeals are cost effective and can be held up as examples of ‘good donorship’.

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