Flooding, Afghanistan | Humanitarian Coalition
Flooding, Afghanistan
March 2019
People Helped: 
7,350 individuals (1,050 families)
Humanitarian Needs: 

The population of Herat province in Afghanistan is facing devastation following several floods throughout the month of March. More than 250,000 people were affected by the flooding and the population is now facing the risk of the spread of water-borne diseases.

Houses in hardest-hit areas were damaged or destroyed by the flash floods. Families have lost their food supply, and water sources have been destroyed or contaminated. Many have lost their crops and the arable land has been damaged due to the debris.

map of Afghanistan in Asia


Humanitarian Response: 

Oxfam Canada is working to improve access to clean drinking water and water for irrigation, as well as safe and dignified shelters, for people affected by flooding in Injil and Herat city of Herat province.  The main disaster response activities include the rehabilitation of damaged water sources, community training in safe hygiene practices, provision of cash grants to buy the materials necessary to repair houses and return to more normal living conditions, as well as sensitization to issues of gender equality and gender based violence.

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