Helping the injured after the blast in Beirut

Nour Khalaf was working at home when she felt the first explosion. She rushed to another room to check on her son when, moments later, a second explosion shook the house, and she was hit by falling objects.

Nour Khalaf

Chakif Mia suffered a leg injury during the explosion, and in another part of town, Nada Baghdadi, suffered a severely broken leg.

“The blast from the explosions was so powerful the kitchen ceiling collapsed on top of me. I was in deep shock,” says Mia.

Many of Beirut’s inhabitants were seriously injured when explosions ripped through the city’s port on August 4th. Humanity and Inclusion’s (HI) voluntary workers have been reaching out to the residents of two Beirut neighbourhoods — Quarantine and Basta — to provide physiotherapy, cash assistance and emergency equipment to the injured and people with disabilities. Since the explosion, HI has provided aid to 500 people.

HI provided Baghdadi with a set of crutches to restore her independence, and physiotherapy to help her heal and get back on her feet as soon as possible. She will also be receiving cash assistance to pay for essentials, like food and medication.

"I'm so grateful for HI’s support. You were the first to come and see me," says Baghdadi.

Khalaf was assessed by HI’s physiotherapy team and provided with a lumbar support belt to help her with her back pain. She was also given an exercise programme to do at home to relieve her pain.

And as for Chakif, HI provided him with crutches and an abdominal belt to help him get around until he can get an X-ray. Once doctors have fully diagnosed his condition, HI will provide him with follow-up care, and decide if he needs physical rehabilitation.

“I’m grateful to HI’s teams, who have assisted everyone with a serious injury," says Chakif.

Chakif Mia