Islamic Relief Canada’s Ramadan campaign

Honoured to be part of Islamic Relief Canada’s Ramadan campaign

May 16, 2016

Humanitarian Coalition honoured to be part of Islamic Relief Canada’s Ramadan campaign, which focuses on refugees

The Humanitarian Coalition is honoured to join Islamic Relief Canada, the country’s biggest Muslim charity, to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Islamic Relief, as part of its commitment to World Refugee Day, is launching a campaign encouraging Canadian Muslims to donate towards the global refugee crisis.

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One of North America’s leading Islamic scholars – Shaykh Omar Suleiman – will be joined by Executive Director of the Humanitarian Coalition Nicolas Moyer and Executive Director of Oxfam Canada Julie Delahanty as keynote speakers at a dinner in Toronto on May 30. The event dinner – Refugees and faith-inspired action - celebrates the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins on June 6th, and will be attended by members of the Muslim community across Canada.


The month of Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and give over $100 million to charity as they think about those less fortunate than themselves – including the hungry. Islamic Relief Canada receives around a half of its income during Ramadan.


CEO of Islamic Relief Canada, Zaid Al Rawni says:

We’ve had a tremendous response from Canadian Muslims wanting to help Syrian refugees arriving in Canada. As Muslims, we have an obligation towards refugees. Islam pays special attention to the suffering of forced migrants by entitling them to certain rights. This Ramadan, we want to encourage our supporters to continue to support Syrian refugees here in Canada and refugees around the world by donating, campaigning and praying for change.

Nicolas Moyer, Executive Director of Humanitarian Coalition says:

The World Refugee Day campaign is a crucial opportunity to recognize the strength and resilience of refugees globally and raise vital funds to help relieve the suffering of 60 million displaced people. The Humanitarian Coalition members are proud to be working with NGOs from across the spectrum, such as Islamic Relief and World Vision, to raise funds and create more awareness on the global refugee crisis the world is facing. Ramadan is a blessed time for Canadian Muslims and having Islamic Relief on board is an example of the cohesive society we have in Canada. By working together, we can save more lives.



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