Private sector collaboration and information sharing

Increasing disaster response information sharing with private sector

April 14, 2016



Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is pleased to announce a new initiative with the Humanitarian Coalition to increase private sector involvement, collaboration and information sharing during international disasters.

The Private Sector Update Call is simple and straight-forward, but responds to a need expressed by Canadian corporations – the need for information about the situation and the most urgent needs so they can make informed decisions when making donations and providing assistance.

“When disasters strike, Canadian businesses want to help, and humanitarian organizations are looking towards the private sector for support,” said Steven Fish, Executive Director of CBSR.  “By sharing information early on, the private sector can better understand the situation and the needs, and be in a better position to provide help.”

This project was first piloted during the Nepal earthquake, in the initial days of the Humanitarian Coalition’s Joint appeal for donations.  The Humanitarian Coalition brings together five of Canada's leading aid agencies to finance relief efforts in times of international humanitarian crises. Its members are CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan International Canada and Save the Children Canada.

The goal of the initiative is to have two calls, one within 72 hours of an appeal launch. The purpose of the calls are to inform businesses of the disaster and needs, share information from teams on the ground, share specific needs for support in Canada when possible and answer questions the private sector may have. 

By accessing the vast CBSR network, the Humanitarian Coalition was able to reach Canadian businesses across the country when a large international disaster strikes and an appeal for donations is launched.

This initiative also responds directly to findings from a Conference Board of Canada report that showed the private sector wanted better communications with humanitarian organizations during disasters.

“That research also showed that the private sector and the humanitarian sector share the same motivation when responding to disasters: the desire to help others,” said Nicolas Moyer, Executive Director of the Humanitarian Coalition. “This initiative will enhance cooperation between disaster relief organizations and businesses, which can improve our collective ability to respond and, ultimately save lives together.”





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For more information:
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Humanitarian Coalition
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The Humanitarian Coalition is Canada’s only joint appeal response for international disasters and emergencies. It is made up of 7 leading humanitarian agencies: Canadian Lutheran World Relief, CARE Canada, Islamic Relief Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan International Canada and Save the Children Canada. Collectively, they are present in more than 150 countries. Together, saving more lives.