Read about the Humanitarian Coalition Membership Criteria

Our member agencies are among Canada's most experienced and respected humanitarian organizations. It is a goal of the Humanitarian Coalition to increase its reach and impact by increasing membership to include all of Canada's major humanitarian organizations. Our membership criteria include legal, financial and program quality standards and requirements. All Canadian humanitarian agencies that meet these criteria are welcome to apply for membership.

Humanitarian Coalition Membership

Full membership in the Humanitarian Coalition is limited to registered Canadian charities with expertise and capacity in the emergency response sector, as determined by the formal membership criteria outlined below.

Humanitarian Coalition Membership Criteria

Potential members approached for recruitment or seeking membership must share the purpose and vision of the Humanitarian Coalition; in particular the principles of transparency and accountability and excellence in the delivery of humanitarian services. These criteria are not negotiable. To ensure fairness, wherever possible the Humanitarian Coalition will make decisions on membership based on published, objective and easily verifiable information and criteria.

1 - Be a registered Canadian charity for at least three years;

2 - Be a member of the Humanitarian Response Network of Canada (HRN);

3 - Be a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGO’s in Disaster Relief;

4 - Have an annual expenditure of over $10 million from Canadian sources over each of the previous three years;

5 - Have income from Canadian private donations of over $2 million over each of the previous three years;

6 - Demonstrate responsibility for deciding which humanitarian projects will be funded by HC funds, and full accountability for the expenditure of those funds;

7 - Have an organizational commitment to Humanitarian programmes on a wide geographical basis;

8 - Have a demonstrable commitment to the principles enshrined in the Humanitarian Charter, and to achieving Sphere and People in Aid standards and a willingness to be evaluated against them;

9 - Have a monitoring and evaluation system in place for programme expenditure;

10 - Have submitted fully audited accounts under charity or company law and be able to demonstrate financial probity and transparency in the use of donated funds;

11 - Accept the Humanitarian Coalition Bylaws and Articles of Association;

12 - Humanitarian Coalition capacity to absorb a new member at time of request to join.