Group and Event FAQ | Humanitarian Coalition

For third-party fundraising event organizers:


1. How can I support the Humanitarian Coalition at my workplace/school/club?

There are many ways to help.  Please review the following FAQs and check out our Fundraising Guide for more information and ideas for group fundraising events!

2. I need a letter of confirmation/authorization from the Humanitarian Coalition to hold a fundraising event or to get sponsorships. How do I obtain this?

Please send an email to with the title “Request for a third-party fundraising letter” with the following information:

Name of fundraising organizer:

Name of event:

The recipient of the letter (if applicable):

Once approved, we will send you a personalized letter confirming that the Humanitarian Coalition is aware of a fundraising event being organized by you/your organization. We can also, if requested, send you a letter confirming the total amount of funds we received from your group.

3. How can I ensure that donors at our fundraising event receive donation receipts for their contributions?

Each donor needs to complete a Donation Form in order to receive a donation tax receipt (all donations above $10 are eligible for a donation receipt). Please make sure to have copies of it available at the event. Note that tax receipts are mailed individually to donors, not event organizers.

4. I am hosting a fundraising event to raise funds for the Humanitarian Coalition. Can you offer insurance coverage for this event?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer insurance coverage for your event.  Insurers are very specific about what we can and cannot cover and the complexities of us providing insurance for all fundraising events make this impossible for us.  Consider speaking to venue owners or your municipality about alternative insurance arrangements.

5. Can I hold a gaming event (including gambling, lotteries and raffles) for fundraising purposes?

The Humanitarian Coalition does not endorse or promote the organization of gaming events to raise funds.  Organisers of such events are encouraged to seek other fundraising options.  Proposals for holding gaming events for fundraising purposes will be reviewed individually and will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Please note that you or your organization must apply for a gaming license from the local authority in order to hold a charitable gaming event, as it is illegal to promote or conduct a gaming event without a license. In addition, there are certain types of games which are prohibited and not available for a license. Please take the time to check the relevant laws and regulations concerning gaming events for your region before proceeding with such events.

6. As a group organizer, I’ve received donations through many different methods – cash, cheques and credit card. How should I go about providing these donations to the HUMANITARIAN COALITION?

It is advisable that the group organizer collects all donations and submits the total amount of funds online through our donation page

If you are unable to do so, please note the following:

Cash: Please note the Humanitarian Coalition does not accept cash donations. You can choose to convert cash donations into a money order or certified/cashier cheque at any bank.

Offline credit card donations: Each donor needs to complete the Donation Form or provide his/her contact information to ensure that they receive a receipt.

Cheques: These should be mailed to us at the address below.

The mailing address for all donations and forms is:

Humanitarian Coalition

PO Box 7023

Ottawa, ON, K1L 5A0

Please note that donation receipts are mailed individually to donors, not event . We cannot guarantee that donations will be tracked to a particular event or group, unless such donations are made through our online group giving portal


For donors at third-party fundraising events


1. How can I receive a donation receipt for my donation made during a third-party fundraising event?

Cash donations: You must provide your contact information to the event organizer or complete the Donation Form, to ensure that your donation receipt is sent.

Cheque donations: The donation receipt will be directly sent to your mailing address provided on the cheque.

Credit card donations: You must complete the Donation Form or provide your contact information to the event organizer, to ensure that your donation receipt is sent.

2. I donated a product (e.g. artwork) for a fundraising event or project. Will I receive a receipt?

Please consult the event organizer for this matter. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining an independent valuation by an expert (e.g. a gallery owner), as well as meeting the requirements set by the Canada Revenue Agency and the Humanitarian Coalition. If you have any questions about the process to follow, please contact us at

3. I contributed to the Humanitarian Coalition by purchasing an item in a fundraising auction. Will I receive a receipt?

Please consult the event organizer for this matter, as the event organizer is required to provide us with the purchaser details and estimated cost of goods received.

As per the regulations applied by the Canada Revenue Agency, when you receive something of value in exchange for your donation you may only be issued a charitable donation receipt for the value of the donation above the value of the good or service you received. 

For more information, visit


Online Group Fundraising


1. What is Online Group Fundraising?

The Humanitarian Coalition’s Group Fundraising Portal allows fundraising groups to register, publicize and keep track of their fundraising events and efforts.

2. Why should I use this page?

It’s a great way to keep track of your fundraising efforts, as well as spread the word about your event to the public. Anyone can make online donations to your fundraiser through this page. It also makes it a lot easier for organizers because they don’t need to worry about donation records, contact lists and correspondence. 

3. Who can register and use this page?

Any group who wishes to fundraise for the Humanitarian Coalition can use this page – school groups, employee groups, or even just a group of friends and family!

4. Do I have to register and use this page if I would like to hold a group fundraising event?

No, it is not mandatory – however it’s strongly recommended as it is a useful tool. It allows you to keep track of the funds donated to your group and takes away the burden of managing and sharing donation information.

5. How can people give to my group from the group fundraising page?

They can simply click on “Donate to a Group” on our Group Fundraising Portal enter the name of the group and then make an online donation. Or you can send around the link for your personalized page.


For more information on group fundraising, check out out Fundraising Guide!