How Money is allocated for emergency response

The funds raised by the Humanitarian Coalition are allocated to its member agencies according to a pre-established Allocation Formula which is designed to reflect member capacity for emergency response programming.

The Humanitarian Coalition compiles revenues and expenses separately for each appeal we launch. Overall results vary from one appeal to another, both in terms of costs and revenues. We are committed to ensuring that a minimum of 85% of appeal revenues go toward programs. Yet we have historically surpassed this objective.

Because each member agency knows what its share of any funds raised will be in advance, they can each begin delivering help to those in need within days of a disaster or emergency.

The Humanitarian Coalition monitors members’ progress in making effective use of their funds and checks their expenditures against their planned budgets.

How the allocation formula works

The allocation formula is based on a 3-year average of each member agency's humanitarian program expenditures, as well as annual fundraising results.