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The country is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in decades. It’s estimated 5.6 million people will require food assistance; 1.2 million children and pregnant and lactating mothers will require supplementary feeding; 9.2 million people will be without safe drinking water and 2.4 million households will need livestock support.

food crisis in Ethiopia

Compounding the situation in the country is the severe drought and conflicts that have led to mass migration as people seek food, water and safety.

In Ethiopia, the drought is forcing many children to drop out of school, leaving them at risk of early marriage and forced migration.

food crisis in Ethiopia

While the Ethiopian government worked to mitigate the effects of last year’s drought, the country is appealing for $1.25 billion in funding – of which it has already committed over $62 million – to help 5.6 million people in need.


Ethiopia warns emergency drought aid to run out next month - CTV news (June 10, 2017)