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“The rains provided a decent life. We earned and we ate daily. All that is no more. There is little hope for us.” - Qaali Ali (female), 44 years old, Sool region.

The country is facing an intense drought, leaving more than half the population, or 6.2 million people, in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Children are particularly vulnerable, with more than 350,000 acutely malnourished and in need of critical nutritional support. The UN has warned that 50,000 children are now facing death, with more than 1.1 million people suffering from acute water and food shortages these days. Those numbers are increasing daily.

food crisis in Somalia infographic

In the worst affected areas, lack of water has wiped out crops and killed livestock. The significant worsening of malnutrition cases point to an imminent crisis. An influx of refugees fleeing neighbouring Yemen, which is facing its own crisis, has exacerbated the situation.