Our Partners

The Canadian government, media partners, corporate leaders and supporters help us to rapidly mobilize Canadians when humanitarian disasters occur. Because every minute counts, our partners ensure that people are aware of the crisis and know how to help. We welcome the involvement of new partners who want to be part of the Canadian response to international emergencies. Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Government of Canada

The Humanitarian Coalition has developed a unique partnership with Global Affairs Canada – the federal government department responsible for international development– to carry out life-saving work across the globe. Whether in response to major international emergencies, or to smaller to medium-scale disasters that require humanitarian assistance, Global Affairs Canada’s support enables the Humanitarian Coalition to act swiftly and effectively on behalf of all Canadians.

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Major Emergencies

In the case of major humanitarian emergencies, Global Affairs Canada and the Humanitarian Coalition work together to raise awareness of the needs on the ground and mobilize Canadians to respond by donating. When the member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition join together for a national fundraising appeal, Global Affairs Canada may also match the donations of individual Canadians up to a pre-determined amount. This “matching fund” is then distributed by the Humanitarian Coalition to its member agencies in support of their emergency relief work.

Small and Medium-scale Disasters

For humanitarian crises that are more localized and may not receive media attention or other funding, Global Affairs Canada contributes to disaster relief through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF) , which is managed by the Humanitarian Coalition. When small or medium-scale disasters strike, the Humanitarian Coalition determines which of its member agencies has the strongest capacity to respond quickly and effectively to that particular emergency. CHAF funds are then provided to that agency for its response on the ground. CHAF funding combines contributions from the Canadian government, member agencies and donations to the Humanitarian Coalition.

Media partners

Canadian media play a leading role in informing Canadians and encouraging giving in times of need. The HC provides the latest updates from the field, photos and camera footage, as well as expert spokespeople and commentators. The media help disseminate the information to Canadians across the country. Working together is fast and effective. Together, we can inform and mobilize Canadians.

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Corporate leaders

Our corporate partners are committed to being socially responsible. Aligned with their brand and values, they provide opportunities for their employees and customers to respond to humanitarian disasters. The HC provides the materials to organize or support an effective campaign – fundraising and communications materials, a branded online donation page, situation updates – and Canadian businesses choose how they want to participate.

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Supporters are organizations and influencers committed to mobilizing their networks to help save lives during humanitarian crises. They share information on the disaster and our response through their membership, on their social media platforms, their websites, their newsletters, and other channels, encouraging people to become involved by donating to the Humanitarian Coalition.

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