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Man holding a child in Pakistan

Pakistan Floods Crisis

Pakistan Floods

Your donations are at work!

Starting mid-June 2022, Pakistan experienced three times the average annual rainfall, resulting in floods throughout much of the country, with devastating results:

33 million people affected, including 16 million children

More than 1,400 people killed

7.9 million people displaced

2 million houses damaged or destroyed

13,094 km of roads damaged

410 bridges washed away

1.1 million livestock lost

6.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance

Even as the water recedes, the impact of the flooding is widespread and will be long-lasting.

For example, the loss of crops and livestock is leading to food insecurity and loss of income. Waterborne and other diseases are on the rise, including diarrhoea, malaria, acute respiratory infections, typhoid, and cholera. Affected people now have less access to services including health care, education, and livelihood opportunities.

Damaged shelters lead to an increase in the risk of exploitation and abuse, and a critical lack of resources may have negative effects such as an increase in child marriage or child labour. The onset of winter will be particularly harsh for families who have lost their homes.

The Appeal

In response to the needs of the communities affected by the flooding, and the desire of Canadians to help, the Humanitarian Coalition launched a national fundraising appeal on September 13.

Canadians responded generously, raising more than $15 million, including a matching grant of $7.5 million from the Government of Canada.

The Response

Humanitarian Coalition member agencies are responding to the humanitarian needs of 500,000 people in Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. We are working with our partners to provide emergency food, water, shelter and health care and to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable people, especially women and children.

Our members are providing:

  • Emergency food supplies
  • Food vouchers for families who can buy their own groceries
  • Therapeutic food for vulnerable people to prevent malnutrition
  • Washroom facilities in schools and displacement camps
  • Hygiene and dignity kits for adolescents and families
  • Drinking water through water trucking and water treatment units
  • Emergency shelter and winterization kits
  • Household essentials and mosquito nets
  • Safe spaces for women and children
  • Psychological support for affected families
  • Mobile clinics offering primary health-care services
  • Assistive devices for people with disabilities
  • Emergency cash assistance to families for basic needs
Our joint appeal is now over, but if you wish to make a donation for Pakistan Flood relief, please go directly to one of these member sites: