Photo credit: Humanity and Inclusion

Sami gets back on his feet

On the 4th of August, 48-year old Sami Mohammad Dib was at home with his pregnant wife and two sons.

“The moment of the explosion was unbelievable, it was like an earthquake, everything was shaking,” said Sami.

“I only remember that the door of the room flew from its place and hit me violently.”

The ambulances couldn’t even reach Sami in all the rubble and the chaos, so one of Sami’s friends helped him get to the hospital.

The injury turned out to be a fractured ankle that cost Sami his job in home renovation, and his ability to provide for his family.

Sami faced a very difficult time. The lack of income meant he couldn’t afford the physiotherapy to heal his ankle. He couldn’t walk, or go up and down the stairs.

As a member of the Humanitarian Coalition and supported by a matching fund from the Government of Canada, Humanity and Inclusion’s door-to-door social workers canvassed the Al-Basta neighbourhood to assess the needs and distribute aid.

Humanity and Inclusion’s social workers provided at home physiotherapy sessions and an assistive walking device for Sami. In a matter of weeks, Sami was able to walk without any help and go up and down stairs with minimal pain.

“I really appreciate your effort and I want to thank you for your time offered to me,” said Sami.

“I am feeling better physically and emotionally.”

Sami said he is looking forward getting back to work as soon as possible so he can support his growing family.