Photo credit: World Vision Canada

Samira gets the boost she needs

“I am still working because I need to survive. I have rent and food to pay for.”

Samira, a 74-year-old widow from a city on the outskirts of Beirut works in a laundry at a nearby hospital where she is paid about $57 per month.

“I finish my work, prepare my food and then sleep. That’s it for my day,” she says.

Samira lives in a small apartment owned by her relatives. She lives alone as her husband passed away 20 years ago and they didn’t have any children.

“During the explosion, everything was broken,” she says. “I knew it was an explosion so I ran outside immediately. My relatives fixed the door of the kitchen and the bathroom because I couldn’t.”

Samira tries not to need help from anyone, but the recent economic situation – on top of the explosion and COVID – has been difficult on her.

“I still work because I don’t want to beg for money or even get a loan. I survive on how much I can spend. I basically buy the cheapest food such as pasta or potato,” she says.

Humanitarian Coalition member World Vision assessed the needs of the people in Samira’s neighbourhood based on vulnerability factors such as their age and ability to work. Samira was among the people selected to receive a grant of $250 per month for three months to help them get through a difficult period.

“This money will help me meet my basic needs,” she says. “No other organization is supporting me so I am very grateful for World Vision.”