See how the Humanitarian Coalition responds to smaller disasters
Fiji cyclone 2018 Fiji cyclone

Smaller and medium-scale disasters

Our response to small and medium-scale disasters is co-funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agency delivering the assistance, and donations to the Humanitarian Coalition. Your gift will help us be ready for the next disaster. You can help by making a or by becoming a . Humanitarian Coalition members logos

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Mozambique was hit by Cyclone Kenneth

Cyclone Kenneth, Mozambique

April 2019 (ongoing)

Flooding, Afghanistan

April 2019 (ongoing)
Zimbabwe hit by Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai, Zimbabwe

March 2019 (ongoing)

Cyclone Idai, Malawi

April – July 2019 (ongoing)
Malawi folks affected by floods in Malawi

Cyclone Idai, Malawi

March - July 2019 (ongoing)

Cyclone Idai, Mozambique

March 2019 (ongoing)
2019 tornado hit Havana Cuba

Havana Tornado, Cuba

March 2019 (ongoing)

Cyclone Gita hits Tonga

February 2018

Humanitarian aid for survivors of hurricane Irma in Cuba

Hurricane Irma hits Cuba

September 2017

Floods affected Bangladesh in 2017

Bangladesh Floods

August 2017

Floods hit Nepal in 2018

Floods in Nepal

August 2017

Floods in India in 2017

Floods in India

July 2017

Save the Children and Humanitarian Coalition aid in Peru

Floods in Peru

March 2017

Indonesian woman in the area where earthquake struck

Indonesia Earthquake

December 2016

Floods in Vietnam 2016

Vietnam Floods

November 2016

Cuba hit by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Cuba

Octobre 2016

Floods in Bangladesh 2016

Bangladesh Floods

August 2016

floods in Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Floods

July 2016

Cyclone in Bangladesh 2016

Bangladesh Cyclone

June 2016

Cyclone in Somalia 2015

Cyclone in Somalia

November 2015

2015 Earthquake Pakistan

Earthquake in Pakistan

October 2015

Floods in Benin, 2015

Floods in Benin

September 2015

Floods in Sierra Leone 2015

Floods in Sierra Leone

September 2015

Cyclone Hudhud in India

November 2014

Nepal Floods 2014

Floods in Mid-West Nepal

September 2014

Conflict in Iraq 2014

Conflict in Iraq

April 2014