Statement on the escalating crisis in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory

The Humanitarian Coalition is deeply saddened by the horrific violence that has recently been taking place in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. We grieve for the hundreds of people who have lost their lives, the thousands who have been injured, and their families.  

We are gravely concerned by the escalating humanitarian crisis that is leading to widespread suffering among civilians, particularly women, children, and elderly people.  

The protection of civilians must be the utmost priority for all parties involved. We echo the calls for all sides to respect international humanitarian law, including the principles of humanity, proportionality, distinction and precaution. It is imperative that violence against civilians and civilian infrastructure cease immediately and that safe access for humanitarian assistance be restored. 

The Humanitarian Coalition is committed to responding to the pressing humanitarian needs arising from this crisis. We stand ready to provide essential support, including food, water, shelter, medicine and health services as soon as safe humanitarian access is possible. 

We stand in solidarity with the people affected by this crisis, and we urge leaders to end the violence and seek a resolution rooted in the dignity and safety of all people. 


For media inquiries, contact us at 613-239-2154 or media at humanitariancoalition dot ca

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