Ukraine crisis

Ukraine Crisis

February 2022
Ukraine Crisis

Our impact in Ukraine

The conflict that erupted in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 forced millions of people to flee their homes in extremely difficult circumstances, and caused a deepening humanitarian crisis.

Canadians quickly rallied to help the people of Ukraine. The Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies spearheaded a nationwide fundraising campaign in 2022 that mobilized the generosity of Canadians and raised more than $12 million.

These contributions made a concrete difference. Here is how you have helped, both inside Ukraine and in Moldova, Romania and Poland.

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Thanks to your support, our members and partners have:

Ensured safe transport and safe shelter, and distributing travel boxes with water, food, hygiene items and SIM cards to people in transit

Provided food to households and reception centres

Distributed hygiene kits to meet the needs of families, women and babies

Restored some basic sanitation services and clean water facilities in Ukraine

Distributed medical supplies to health centres

Provided trauma and mental health support to displaced people

Established a safe space for women and girls staffed with a social worker, psychologist, translator and other specialists

Provided information to prevent gender-based violence

Distributed emergency funds for women facing abuse to cover expenses such as transport, telephone credit, urgent medical services, translation of documents, and notary fees

Supported family protection centers in Ukraine

Worked with schools outside of Ukraine to welcome refugee children who may need psychological, social, academic and language support

Facilitated access to jobs



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