Chat Run receives help to provide for her grandchildren after a flooding disaster

Urgent needs in a challenging time

Life was already difficult for Chat Run, a 76-year-old grandmother in Cambodia, before the floods came late last year.

One of the poorest people in her community, she earned a small income by selling vegetables and bananas from her home garden to support herself and her two grandchildren, who lived with her.

Beginning in early October 2020, Cambodia was hit by several storms causing heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Basic infrastructure such as roads, schools, health centres and agricultural land was severely damaged, and many families were forced to flee their homes.

After the storms, Chat Run’s garden was submerged for 20 days—which meant no money for food and other basic supplies for the family.

“My family was really challenged with food shortages because all my vegetables and banana trees were destroyed by the flood water,” she says.

To add to their problems, she also fell ill.

Chat Run received food assistance from the local government for a short time period, along with some food and money from relatives and neighbours, but the help didn’t last.

Then World Vision, supported by the Humanitarian Coalition and the government of Canada, provided her with money to buy food and to send her grandchildren to school. She also went to an awareness raising event about hygiene, using it to teach her grandchildren about healthy hygiene practices.

“I am so happy and thankful to World Vision for supporting us with this cash that could serve our urgent needs in such a challenging time,” she says.