Two cars covered with ash

Volcano and tsunami, Tonga

Two cars covered with ash
Two cars covered with ash
January 2022

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

An underwater volcano erupted on 15 January 2022, blanketing Tonga with ash and triggering tsunami waves up to 15 metres high, leaving many islands inundated and infrastructure severely damaged or destroyed. Ashfall damaged crops and shelters and contaminated drinking water. Tsunami waves destroyed infrastructure, swept away livestock, inundated homes, ground water and agricultural land causing widespread devastation.


Displacement brings protection concerns, especially for women and children. Health services, including medical, mental health, and services for people living with disabilities have all been compromised

Humanitarian Response

CARE will provide an emergency water supply, as well as technical and materal support for cleaning and repair of rainwater tanks.  

They will rehabilitate gardens, provide seeds and seedlings to replant gardens, and replace tools and equipment, especially for people with disabilities.

CARE will ensure protection and psychological well-being through gender-based violence information and referral support along with mental health outreach services, with specific focus on therapeutic care, programming and support for youth and children and their families, including safe play and meeting spaces, recreation activities, and therapeutic programming.

In Partnership with Canada

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