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Your Feet on the Ground

Thanks to their presence in over 140 countries worldwide, members of the Humanitarian Coalition are ready to spring into action and provide emergency assistance whenever a disaster strikes.

Around the world, disasters occur frequently.

Although major catastrophic emergencies are generally well publicized, the majority of disasters are local, affect comparatively fewer people and receive little media attention.


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Ongoing Disaster Relief

Over the past two years, our members, with the support of Global Affairs Canada through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund, have responded to 10 cyclones and typhoons, 3 floods, 2 earthquakes, and a volcanic eruption.

Overall, as many as 280,107 people in 12 different countries received assistance from members of the Humanitarian Coalition and their local partners, in the form of either shelter, water and sanitation, food and nutrition, protection or cash grants.

These responses -- around the clock, around the world -- can only succeed and deliver the relief and assistance we aim for through the hard work and dedication of local aid workers.

From Canada to the world, they are your feet on the ground.

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Meet our humanitarian workers

From Malawi to the Philippines, to Chad and Bangladesh, we asked several of our aid workers worldwide to tell us about their experiences responding to humanitarian disasters.

How did their organizations respond to the disasters? What was the impact of the response on their community? What does the support of the Humanitarian Coalition mean to them?

Discover the perspectives and experiences of Christopher, Augustince, Muhammad and more here!






Discover our recent responses

Here are some examples of our recent disaster responses.

Find out all about our humanitarian response programs here:

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