Maricela and her adult daughter look into the camera

Maricela and her daughter survived the flooding

A gift of hope

“The families of our community were sad because they thought our family had drowned.”

Maricela Martínez is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She lives in La Lima, Honduras with her husband and daughters.

When tropical storms Eta and Iota swept across Honduras in November 2020, Maricela’s community was completely devastated.  All the houses were submerged by the floods caused by the consecutive storms.

“One of my daughters is pregnant. She did no want to leave the house,” she says. “We looked for a house to climb on the roof, but the house looked weak because there were many people on it. My husband suggested we climb two thin trees, one of grape and the other of mango.

“It was about 9 in the morning when we climbed, and by 6 or 7 at night the water was already at our feet. It was one o'clock in the afternoon the next day when suddenly we saw a boat pass by. Those people did not imagine that my family and I were trapped in those thin trees.”

Maricela and her family were all eventually rescued, and they returned to their home to find they had lost everything. They had to resort to sleeping on the floor.

World Vision through the Humanitarian Coalition brought hope to Maricela’s community by providing food vouchers for the local supermarket. This helped Maricela and her family meet their most urgent basic needs. 

“I thank World Vision for the card they gave us to buy food,” she says. “It helped us a lot. We had nothing – only rice and beans.”