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How the Humanitarian Coalition works

During global humanitarian crises, the Humanitarian Coalition brings 7 Canadian aid charities together. When lives are at stake, we unite Canadians to help save more lives.

When we launch a joint appeal

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. We launch a joint appeal, based on a set of criteria, because we know the quicker aid reaches survivors, the more lives can be saved.

Along with the support from our Rapid Response Network and our other partners, we form a hub that relies on extensive cross-sector collaboration to launch successful joint appeals and raise funds for the world’s most devastating crises.

Together, we aim to remove competition for donations, increase the awareness of needs and reduce the duplication of costs, meaning more help for survivors. We take the guesswork out of giving for Canadians.

How we allocate your donations

Our priority is to get help to those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We make certain your donation goes where it is needed the most: the most vulnerable people who need urgent aid and long-term support to rebuild their lives after a disaster.

Thanks to your donation, our member agencies can meet the basic needs of survivors quickly. Our members have expertise in providing shelter, clean water, sanitation services, protection services, health care, and livelihood support.

We keep our costs low, distributing a minimum of 85% of appeal revenues to our members, based on their capacity to respond, so they can carry out their vital work. By working together and quickly, we can save more lives.

How we stay accountable

When you donate to the Humanitarian Coalition, you can remain confident your money is used wisely to help survivors of international humanitarian emergencies. We strive to uphold strict standards and provide accountability to all our stakeholders, whether donors, partners, members the Canadian public or the people who receive assistance.

Our work is guided by the core humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence, and funding is always allocated based on needs alone.

We monitor our members’ progress and ensure their responses are meeting the needs of those affected. We conduct joint evaluations for large appeals and every year we publish the results of our activities, with complete financial statements.

About the Humanitarian Coalition

We bring together seven of Canada's leading aid agencies to finance relief efforts in times of international humanitarian crises

Humanitarian Coalition members logos

Private Sector Partners

We work with a group of private sector partners who form the Rapid Response Network and contribute time and resources during an appeal.

Emergency Appeals Alliance

We are part of the Emergency Appeals Alliance, a global network spanning 11 countries.

Our Board

The Board of Directors consists of the respective CEO or Executive Director of the seven member agencies.

Karin Achtelstetter, CEO of CLWR
Karin Achtelstetter

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Gillian Barth, CEO of CARE Canada
Gillian Barth

CARE Canada

Zaid Al-Rawni, CEO of Islamic Relief Canada
Zaid Al-Rawni

Islamic Relief Canada

Julie Delahanty, CEO of Oxfam Canada
Julie Delahanty

Oxfam Canada

Denise Byrnes, CEO of Oxfam-Quebec
Denise Byrnes


Caroline Riseboro, CEO of Plan International Canada
Caroline Riseboro

Plan International Canada

Bill Chambers, CEO of Save the Children Canada
Bill Chambers

Save the Children Canada

Our Staff

A small team manages the day-to-day operation of the Humanitarian Coalition.

Richard Morgan, Executive Director
Richard Morgan

Executive Director

Rania, Appeals and Fundraising Manager
Rania Cotran

Appeals and Fundraising Manager

Marg Buchanan, Communications Advisor
Marg Buchanan

Communications Advisor

Caio Fernandes, Website Administrator / Graphic Designer
Caio Fernandes

Website Administrator / Graphic Designer