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Armed conflict in DRC

June 2014

People Helped: 


Humanitarian Needs: 

Armed confrontations in the eastern DRC occurred among the self-defence militias and armed groups on the one hand and between these groups and the FARDC (armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) on the other. These clashes displaced populations and led to the systematic pillaging of basic necessities and food crops.

Much of the fighting took place in the middle and upper plateaus of Uvira (South Kivu Province) -- extremely isolated regions -- making it difficult for government and NGOs to assist the affected populations.
Some of the most pressing needs included food and nutrition, essential household items, and protection.

Humanitarian Response: 

Humanitarian Coalition member Oxfam-Québec responded to the needs of at least 1,078 households displaced as a result of the fighting between the FNL (Burundian liberation forces) and the FARDC in the middle plateaus of Uvira.

The goal of the project was to provide subsistence support to the affected families by providing food and essential household items, as well as holding awareness campaigns for beneficiaries on gender, HIV and AIDS.

Assistance for smaller-scale disasters is funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition, and the Humanitarian Coalition through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund.