Cyclone in Bangladesh, 2016
Bangladesh Cyclone

June 2016

People Helped: 


Humanitarian Needs: 

More than 500,000 residents of Bangladesh were forced to evacuate their homes when tropical cyclone Roanu hit in May 2016. Torrential rains resulted in floods and landslides that affected more than 700,000 people, approximately half of whom are children. More than 100,000 homes were destroyed or damaged from the storm surges.

Plan International’s initial assessment identified water, sanitation, hygiene, livelihood, shelter and food as immediate needs. A severe shortage of toilets and safe drinking water was critical. Displaced people sought refuge in schools and even a police camp. Many people’s livelihoods, centred around fishing, were affected.

Humanitarian Response: 

Plan International Canada undertook to respond to the pressing needs of children and families for essential hygiene items, clean drinking water and safe latrines. Their activities included:
• to repair and disinfect wells and test water quality
• to repair household latrines
• to distribute hygiene kits to affected families, and
• to provide hygiene education through community mobilization.

Humanitarian aid in Bangladesh after cyclone
Aid to children affected by cyclone in Bangladesh
Humanitarian aid to children affected by cyclone in Bangladesh
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