Bangladesh Floods - August 2016
Floods Bangladesh 2016
2016 Bangladesh Floods
Bangladesh Floods

August 2016

People Helped: 


Humanitarian Needs: 

Bangladesh was heavily hit by flooding during the monsoon season with continuous rain for most of July and August. The water level reached dangerous levels quickly, causing widespread flooding and damage to infrastructure in 19 districts. More than 3.7 million people were affected in what was the worst flooding to hit the country in almost 20 years.

The flood-affected areas were some of the poorest in the country, and the extent of the damage required a long-term rebuilding effort. Children, women, elderly and people with disabilities were among the most vulnerable, as they are less resilient against disruption to their livelihoods. Many lost their homes, household items and job opportunities. Crops were also severely affected.

Humanitarian Response: 

CARE Canada intervened to reduce the vulnerability of affected people, especially women and children, by meeting their immediate shelter needs and improving their ability to meet the urgent needs of their families.

In order to achieve this, they provided emergency shelter materials to 2,000 of the most marginalized, vulnerable displaced families, as well as offering unconditional cash support to 10,000 people to enable them to cover major and critical family needs.

Assistance for smaller-scale disasters is funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition, and the Humanitarian Coalition through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund.