Black Lives Matter. Everywhere.

Black lives matterBlack lives matter

Black Lives Matter. Everywhere.

In the United States, Canada and around the world, the pain and indignation of communities who have experienced oppression and marginalization for centuries is bubbling up and spilling over. The very fact that their rallying cry is a statement of what should be obvious – Black Lives Matter – is a scathing indictment of our societies and the racism that inhabits us.

In Canada, such systemic racism affects Indigenous peoples, as well as black, brown and other racialized communities.

At the Humanitarian Coalition, we recognize that we all – individuals and organizations – must listen, and learn, and change.

We are also committed to promoting the dignity, value and autonomy of people who need humanitarian assistance – particularly in the most vulnerable parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. We recognize their leadership, knowledge, and experience as the first responders in times of crisis, and seek to work in partnership with them to strengthen their communities.

We truly are in this together. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Canada and around the world. Black Lives Matter. Everywhere.