Canada offers help to survivors of flooding in Ethiopia

More than 165,000 people in Ethiopia are dealing with extensive flash flooding, which was exacerbated when two dams broke. At least two people died and approximately 1,600 families had to be evacuated.

Rising waters washed away homes, livestock and crops and cut off many districts and left main roads impassable. The risk of disease, such as diarrhea and even cholera, have increased as residents have little to no access to safe drinking water.

Thanks to the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund, the Humanitarian Coalition, through its member Islamic Relief Canada, will help survivors recover and prevent the spread of disease.

Islamic Relief will use $390,000 from the Fund to help 15,000 people with life-saving aid, the equivalent of $26 per person). Staff will distribute water treatment tablets and soap to help reduce the risk of disease while also repairing and building new water points and latrines. Some of the latrines will be gender specific with lighting and locks to ensure women and girls have safe places to use.

In addition, Islamic Relief will provide $60 CAD a month for three months to 500 of the most vulnerable households who lost their crops, livestock or homes during the flood. This will help them meet their immediate basic needs, allowing them to purchase food or replace lost or damaged household goods.

The Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund is a joint mechanism financed by Global Affairs Canada, the Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies.


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