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Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Canadian Lutheran World Relief
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Humanitarian assistance and emergency relief - Food security and nutrition - Community development - Delivery of supplies


Inspired by God’s love for humanity, CLWR challenges the causes and responds to the consequences of human suffering and poverty.


CLWR strives for a world where people life in peace with hope, justice, dignity and equality, empowered to achieve their universal rights to quality of life and to have their basic needs met.

Humanitarian Assistance

When a natural disaster hits or wide-spread conflict and war affects vulnerable populations, Canadian Lutheran World Relief enables Canadians to help quickly. Emergency relief work is an integral part of CLWR’s mandate since its beginning. By working with partners on the ground in affected areas, CLWR can provide immediate life-saving assistance. When responding to emergencies, CLWR’s commitment goes beyond immediate needs to helping rebuild lives and livelihoods.

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