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Conflict in Iraq
December 2013
People Helped: 
Humanitarian Needs: 

Due to conflict that broke out in west central Iraq in late December 2013, some 73,000 families were forced to flee to neighbouring provinces with many seeking refuge in schools and mosques or renting overcrowded rooms. Displaced people, of whom 50% were children, lacked access to essential hygiene items, a concern especially in the summer months due to fears of acute watery diarrhea outbreaks.

Children displayed symptoms of psychosocial distress and nearly half the students in Anbar province were prevented from attending school due to the ongoing conflict.

map of Iraq


Humanitarian Response: 

Humanitarian Coalition member agency Save the Children worked in two areas that were hosting significant numbers of vulnerable displaced people, who lacked access to basic services. With the funding from the CHAF, Save the Children distributed hygiene kits to 4,442 families (28,428 people) and opened Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) and Youth Friendly Spaces (YFS) to reach 200 children. These spaces contribute to providing psychosocial support to children aged 3-18 years, providing them with a safe child friendly environment where they can take part in structured activities.

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