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Cyclone Idai

Thank you to Canadians and to the Canadian government for your support for survivors of Cyclone Idai. Aid is being delivered and lives are being saved. And because so many people still need emergency assistance, we will continue receiving donations until April 28.

When Cyclone Idai made landfall in the port city of Beira, Mozambique on March 14, the area was already drenched from days of torrential rains. The winds, rain and high tides from the Cyclone caused dams to burst and rivers to overflow their banks.

Cities, villages and large swathes of land were totally submerged in Mozambique, as roads and bridges were washed away and communications were cut.

The storm continued inland to Malawi and Zimbabwe, where hundreds of people are reported dead or missing.

HC agencies were on the ground at the outset of the disaster, involved in search and rescue operations and airlifting supplies to areas that are inaccessible by road. They are providing tents, water and emergency supplies in all three of the affected countries. Special attention is being given to the protection of women and children, particularly in camps of displaced people. Workers on the ground report that families with children are struggling the most.

Your donation today will help save lives.

Population affected: 
3 million


helps provide water for a family for a month in time of displacement


can provide hygiene kits for 2 families, helping to protect from illness and infection


helps supply one disaster support kit which includes a first aid kit, tarps and life-saving equipment


helps urgently supply emergency food for 10 children for one month

photos: Josh Estey/CARE
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