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Cyclone Malawi caused floods in Malawi
Floods after Cyclone Idai in Malawi
Cyclone Idai, Malawi
March 2019
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Humanitarian Needs: 

Cyclone Idai caused initial flooding in Malawi with heavy rains starting on March 5. When it made landfall again on March 15, strong winds and heavy rainfall caused further damage.

The floods affected almost 1 million people. Homes and infrastructure were destroyed, crops and livestock were washed away, and there is substantial damage to sanitation facilities, which poses a serious risk of waterborne disease. Many families lack basic supplies including shelter, food and water. Thousands have people have been displaced and are lodging in schools and temporary shelters, which poses an increased risk of the spread of disease, and causes privacy and protection challenges for women and girls.

map of Malawi in Africa


Humanitarian Response: 

CARE’s intervention in Malawi will focus on emergency shelter and improved living conditions for affected households, as well as increased access to gender-sensitive sanitation facilities and potable water.

CARE is distributing shelter return kits which include heavy-duty tarpaulin, cement, nails, timber, as well as a cash grant to aid in the cost of local labour. CARE is also distributing water treatment materials and providing training in water treatment and basic hygiene and sanitation. They are aiding in the construction of 120 temporary latrines in camps for displaced people and building 30 bathing facilities for women and girls.

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