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Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe
Cyclone Idai hit Zimbabwe
Cyclone Idai, Zimbabwe
March 2019
People Helped: 
20,772 (3,462 households)
Humanitarian Needs: 

Cyclone Idai hit Zimbabwe on 15 March, after making landfall in Mozambique on 14 March. Strong winds up to 170km per hour and heavy torrential rains caused severe flooding and landslides. Most significant impact included loss of life, damage to community infrastructure (including water sources), damage to shelter, and resulting displacement.

Water distribution networks were washed away, while other water sources were contaminated and toilets were damaged, resulting in further reduction in sanitation coverage. Provision of safe water, appropriate sanitation and health and hygiene education to affected communities is critical to minimize the risk of water-borne diseases outbreaks.

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Humanitarian Response: 

Save the Children is working to improve access to water and sanitation by vulnerable people affected by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in Zimbabwe.

Activities include the rehabilitation, repair and flushing of water points such as boreholes, wells and springs; water quality monitoring and analysis; the provision of gender-adapted temporary latrines in displacement camps; community training in hygiene and sanitation; the distribution of non-food items and dignity kits; and psycho-social support programs for children.

Aid for Zimbabwe after Cyclone Idai
Humanitarian aid for Zimbabwe after Cyclone Idai
Cyclone Idai aid in Zimbabwe
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