Cyclones in Somalia, 2015
Cyclone in Somalia

November 2015

People Helped: 


Humanitarian Needs: 

On November 3 and 4, a tropical cyclone hit the coastal areas of Puntland in Somalia and caused widespread damage to homes and local infrastructure. Approximately 50,040 people in 24 settlements in the Bari region lost 25,000 sheep, goats and camels, 350 houses, 1,700 date palm trees and 3,400 fruit trees, and 280 fishing boats. Water sources in four villages and 45 km of roads were severely damaged.

Those affected by the storms and resulting floods were nomads, pastoralists and fishermen. Clean water, food, non-food items (blankets, jerry cans, kitchen sets, sleeping mats), income opportunities, health care and infrastructure repairs were identified as immediate needs. Rehabilitation of damaged water sources would help provide clean water, while hygiene promotion would reduce risks of water borne diseases.

Humanitarian Response: 

CARE Canada’s objective in responding to the needs in the Bari region of Somalia was to improve access to water, hygiene services, income opportunities and non-food items for vulnerable cyclone-affected families. Their activities included rehabilitating shallow wells, distributing water and hygiene kits, providing cash-for-work opportunities to 240 households and distributing non-food items to 175 families.


Assistance for smaller-scale disasters is funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition, and the Humanitarian Coalition through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund.