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Mozambique hit by Cyclone Kenneth
Cyclone Kenneth hits Mozambique
Cyclone Kenneth, Mozambique
April 2019
People Helped: 
40,000 (8,000 households)
Humanitarian Needs: 

Tropical Cyclone Kenneth, the strongest storm to ever to hit northern Mozambique and the second cyclone in six weeks, made landfall on April 25. Torrential rain continued, causing flash flooding and leaving thousands of children and adults without access to desperately needed emergency supplies.

The most significant impact has included loss of life, damage to community infrastructure (including water sources), damage to shelter, and resulting displacement. Shelter, clean water, sanitation and hygiene kits, food and non-food items, power generation and telecommunication equipment are urgently needed. Classrooms and health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and crops have been damaged.

map of Mozambique in Africa


Humanitarian Response: 

Save the Children, in partnership with Oxfam in Mozambique, will work to respond to the most urgent needs including shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation, particularly as the risk of cholera outbreak is high.

Activities include emergency water trucking, the distribution of tarpaulins, hygiene kits and water storage materials, distribution of water purification supplies and ongoing monitoring of water quality, and the construction of gender-responsive latrines. Site selection will prioritize areas with concentrations of internally displaced persons.

Child carrying water after Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique
Woman rescued after Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique
Photos: Oxfam
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