Displaced people in DRC

Displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo

September 2015

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Armed attacks in the Beni district of the DRC prompted thousands of families to flee. In total, 8,593 households (42,965 people) sought refuge in Beni City, Mavivi, Mbau, Oicha and Eringeti. The town of Eringeti alone welcomed over 3,240 households (16,200 people).

The local people (host families/aboriginal peoples) assisted with temporary accommodations, but their resources were severely limited because they themselves were victims of the insecurity. Food was being provided by the World Food Programme but there was a serious need for household items.

map of DRC in africa

Democractic Republic of Congo

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam-Québec and MAAMS (Multi Actions d’Assistance aux Marginalisés et aux Sinistrés) responded to the needs of the displaced population in Eringeti.

Through the distribution of essential household non-food items, the living conditions of 3,240 displaced families, 70% of which were female-headed households, were improved. This included meal preparation and the collection and conservation of water. Additionally, 60% of households in the town of Eringeti improved their knowledge and practice in terms of gender equality through awareness sessions on gender-related inequalities, access and control of household incomes.


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