Many houses were destroyed by the earthquake in Pakistan

Earthquake, Pakistan

Many houses were destroyed by the earthquake in Pakistan
Many houses were destroyed by the earthquake in Pakistan
October 2021

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck southwest Pakistan early in the morning of October 7, affecting several districts in Balochistan Province. Many homes were damaged or destroyed, forcing families to sleep in the open as winter approaches. Sleeping in the open also raises protection risks for women and children.

Damaged water systems caused major challenges in health-care centers as caseload increased from earthquake-related injuries and associated illnesses. Lack of adequate water and sanitation facilities also increases the risk of malaria, cholera and COVID-19 among the affected population.

Humanitarian Response

Islamic Relief is distributing shelter kits which will enable the construction of one room transitional housing. Families will also receive a multipurpose cash grant to be used for their priority needs such as food and household items.

Water supply systems and sanitation facilities are being rehabilitated in various public places such as basic health units and schools, which will benefit 10,000 people.

Islamic Relief will also conduct hygiene awareness and training sessions, focusing on safe hygiene practices and handwashing for the benefit of overall personal, family, and communal health.

In Partnership with Canada

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