Flooded city

Flooding, Bangladesh

Flooded city
Flooded city
May 2022

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Heavy rainfall in northeastern Bangladesh and India starting on May 11 and flash floods on May 17 led to the Surma and Kusiara rivers overflowing. The flooding damaged crops, summer vegetation, tube wells, and toilets. Many affected people were forced to leave their homes. It is estimated that almost 500,000 people were affected, and 1.5 million children were at risk of waterborne diseases, drowning, and malnutrition.

The priority humanitarian needs are for clean drinking water, sanitation, food, shelter repair, and health.

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam and Islamic Relief are providing one-time cash grants to hundreds of vulnerable households so they can buy their own food and basic necessities to ensure their survival. They are also distributing hygiene kits along with hygiene promotion sessions to provide information and reinforce healthy practices.

Oxfam will rehabilitate tube wells affected by the flood and select and train caretakers. The project will also install 14 new community level tube-wells for the purpose of safe drinking, cooking, and hygiene as well as emergency latrines to ensure proper sanitation for 7,500 people.

Islamic Relief will repair damaged shelters.

In Partnership with Canada

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