Flooding, Ghana

October 2019

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Heavy rains coupled with water releases from the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso in October 2019 resulted in serious flooding with extensive damage to farmlands and residential and commercial areas across the Upper East Region of Ghana. Some 21 people lost their lives from drowning, collapsed buildings and lightning. The floods had a significant impact on already vulnerable populations, with an added burden on host families now supporting the near 27,000 displaced individuals.


Humanitarian Response

CARE will respond to needs of flood-affected communities by prioritizing access to basic necessities, as well as water and sanitation.

CARE will provide cash transfers to 700 households to cover immediate basic needs, including food and essential household supplies that were lost in the flooding.

Families will also receive hygiene and dignity kits including water containers, soap, water purification sachets, women’s sanitary supplies and cloth. CARE will also conduct community sensitization on hygiene and sanitation practices.

In Partnership with Canada

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