A school sits in a lake of muddy water after flooding in Sudan

Flooding in Sudan

A man carries a suitcase through floodwater in Sudan
A school sits in a lake of muddy water after flooding in Sudan
August 2021

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Heavy rains and flash floods began across half of Sudan, including Gedaref State, in late July, 2021. The flooding has destroyed homes, and severely damaged essential infrastructure. Water systems have been damaged, contaminating drinking water with floodwater. Power stations were flooded, and infrastructure including schools, government facilities, and markets have been affected. 

Households have been left with no access to safe water or essential hygiene products, increasing the risk of water-borne disease and COVID-19.

Flooding has exacerbated existing needs that stem from a transition in government, including a deteriorating economic situation.

Humanitarian Response

Islamic Relief is distributing plastic sheets, sleeping mats, and blankets and kitchen utensils to the most flood-affected households in Al Fao locality, Gedaref, Sudan. Mosquito nets are also being provided, with priority given to female-headed households, the elderly, children, and people with disabilities.

Hygiene kits, including women’s sanitary items, soap, shampoo, chlorine tablets, jerry cans, clothesline, multipurpose cloth, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, will be provided to the flood-affected families.

Islamic Relief is also distributing COVID-19 PPE including masks and sanitizers in consultation with the Ministry of Health. Vulnerable populations including the elderly and people with disabilities will be prioritized.

In Partnership with Canada

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