India Floods Assam Province August 2016
Floods in Assam province India in 2016
India floods
Floods in Assam Province India
August 2016
People Helped: 
Humanitarian Needs: 

The Assam province in India was heavily hit by flooding during the monsoon season with continuous rain for most of July and August. The water level quickly reached dangerous levels, causing widespread flooding in 21 of 27 districts. More than 1.6 million people were affected.

Many of the affected people were forced to seek refuge in relief camps or roadside embankments, without adequate shelter materials or access to safe water and sanitation facilities. There was wide-scale damage to homes as well as the loss of essential items such as clothes, household goods and hygiene items. Access to food and threats to livelihoods were a major concern.

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Humanitarian Response: 

Oxfam Canada sought to reduce the vulnerability of crisis-affected people, especially women and children, and improve their ability to access food, health-related items and income-generating opportunities.

They provided emergency shelter materials to 1,750 households, as well as transferring cash, through a mechanism identified through consultations, to 300 of the most vulnerable households to assist them with their immediate needs.

To build up livelihoods and support recovery efforts, they implemented cash-for-work initiatives to help clean up communities.

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