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Children affected by floods in Peru
Floods hit Peru in 2017
Floods in Peru
December 2016
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Peru experienced heavy rain starting in December 2016, the result of the natural phenomenon El Nino Costero. The rains caused extensive flooding across the country, killing close to 100 people and affecting more than 750,000, with approximately 810 towns and cities in a state of emergency.

The amplitude of the disaster and the limited resources in place resulted in response gaps, in particular the prevention of communicable diseases, meeting specific needs of women and children, and ensuring protection mechanisms were in place for children affected by the disaster. The wellbeing of more than 450,000 children and 170,000 women was at risk. More than 100,000 people were reported to be in need of immediate humanitarian aid.

map of Peru in South America


Humanitarian Response: 

Save the Children intervened to reduce the vulnerability of crisis-affected people, especially women and children, and improve their ability to meet their basic needs in the areas of hygiene, daily living, health care and protection.

Activities included:
• sensitizing community members on key gender equality messages and promote women’s empowerment;
• distributing hygiene kits, in particular women and children in high-occupancy shelters, who are at greatest risk of the threat of communicable disease;
• distributing household supplies to affected families.
• setting up Child Friendly Spaces to provide recreational and learning activities as well as psychosocial support.

Support for children in Peru after floods
Humanitarian aid for people affected by floods in Peru
Humanitarian help for people affected by floods in Peru
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