Hurricane Eta, Nicaragua

November 2020

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Hurricane Eta made landfall in northern Nicaragua on November 3 as a Category 4 Hurricane, and remained for almost two days. The storm caused heavy rains and flooding, affecting 2,000,000 people and resulting in extensive household and infrastructure damages. More than 300 emergency shelters for some 50,000 displaced and evacuated people were established.

The most significant impacts of the hurricane were: two fatalities, families left homeless in highly vulnerable conditions, hectares of crops destroyed in indigenous territory, contamination of water wells, loss of poultry, and displaced families living in shelters with a shortage of basic necessities.

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam’s response will target water and sanitation support for hurricane-affected communities. The project will include the following activities:

• Rehabilitation of 1 water system in a shelter center
• Rehabilitation of 2 safe water points in health care centers and 3 community wells
• Distribution of 2177 hygiene kits adapted to specific needs
• 120 health promoters will be provided with personal protective equipment to support safer work in assisting populations in shelters.
• Delivery of 2,177 kits for the handling and storage of water.

In Partnership with Canada

Our response to small and medium-scale disasters is co-funded by Global Affairs Canada, the member agency delivering the assistance, and donations to the Humanitarian Coalition. Your gift will help us be ready for the next disaster. Donate today.